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Which uhman activity has probably contribuated most to the acidification of teh lakes inteh Adirondacks?
a) passing environmental protection laws
b) establishing reforestation programs in lumber areas
c) burning fossil fuels that produce air pollutants that contain nitrogen and sulfer
d) using pesticides to control insects on trees

HUman impact on the environment is often more dramatic than that of other species because humans have a greater
a) need of food
b) need of water
c) ability to adapt to change
d) ability to alter the environment

Deforestation would most immediately result in
a) disappearance of native species
b) industrialization of a region
c) depletion of ozone
d) global warming

Which statement best describes an ecosystem maintaining a state of appropriate equilibrium?
a) nutrients from decayed organisms are recycled in a forest ecosystem
b) all the frog species in a South American rain forest become extinct
c) a mutation spreads through a species of bacteria, making them unable to decompose wastes
d) mice are released into a field ecosystem as food for a declining predator population

In New York State, small farms that were abandoned many years ago have become hardwood forests. This is an example of
a) local deforestation
b) biotechnology
c) ecological succession
d) habitat loss

In order for an ecosystem to remain stable there must be
a) drastic modications to the environment
b) interrelationships and interdependencies among organisms
c) limited biodiversity
d) gradual changes in the climate

An ecosystem is self-sustaining as long as organisms have sufficiant quantities of energy, water, oxygen, and minerals. When organisms die, some of these materials are recycled back to plants in the ecosystem primariliy through the activity of
a) predators
b) decomposers
c) pathogens
d) parasites

a finite resource in the environment that keeps a population from steadily increasing is known as
a) dynamic equilibrium
b) a limiting factor
c) a reproductive enzyme
d) ecology succession

Which situation is most likely to lead to ecological succession?
a) The fish population in a large lake remain the same for many years
b) Hunters are allowed to hunt wolves, with no limits, for one season
c) the amount of industrialization increased in an area, resulting in teh increased burning of fossil fuels
d) A farmer who has planted corn for many years retires, and the field is left abandoned

Water pollution as a result of fertilizer runoff from farms is harmful because it initially
a) changes the chemical compostion of nearby streams and lakes
b) adds ozone to the atmosphere, increasing global temps.
c) decreases the water temperature of streams and lakes
d) decreases teh amount of nutrient recycling in lakes

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