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Which structure in correctly paired with its function?
a) ovary; provides milk for a newborms
b) testes; produce sperm
c) placenta; storage of released eggs
d) uterus; produces estrogen

Asexual reproduction produces offspring that each contain
a) genetic information from one parent
b) genetic inforamtion from two parents
c) less genetic information that the parent
d) a new combination of genetic information

Which statement best explains the significance of meiosis in teh evolution of a species
a) meiosis produces eggs adn sperm that are alike
b) meiosis provides chromosomal variation in the gametes produced by an organism
c) equal numbers of egg and sperm are produced during meiosis
d) the gametes produced by meioisis ensure the continuation of a species throguh asexual reproduction

sexual reproduction results in
a) increase in chromosome number in the offspring
b) genetically identical offspring
c) recombination of offspring
d) decrease in biodiversity

Which hormone does not regulate human reproductive cycles
a) testosterone
b) estrogen
c) insulin
d) progesterone

The structure that provides nutrients and gas exchange for a developing embryo is the
a) ovary
b) placenta
c) stomach
d) gamete

The human reproductive system is regulated by
a) restirction enzymes
b) antigens
c) carbohydrates
d) hormones

Body cells of a fruit fly contain eight chromosomes. In some cells only 4 chromosomes are present. This is a direct result of
a) mitotic cell division
b) mieotic cell division
c) differentiation
d) internal fertilization

In an environemnt that undergoes frequent changes an organism that reproduces sexually will have an advantage to those that reproduce asexually becuase the sexually reproducing organisms produce
a) more offspring in each generation
b) identical offspring
c) offspring with more variety
d) a new species with each generation

When a planarian (a type of worm) gets cut in half, usually each half grows back into a complete worm over time. This most closely resembles
a) asexual reproduction where a mutation has occurred
b) sexual reproduction where each half represents one parent
c) asexual reproduction of a single-celled organism
d) sexual reproduction of a single-celled organism

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