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In a cell, protein synthesis is the primary function of
a) mitochondria
b) ribosomes
c) chloroplasts
d) vacuoles

IN a multicellular organism, organs carry out a variety of life functions. In a single-celled organism, these functions are performed by
a) tissues
b) organ systems
c) organs
d) organelles

in order for the human body to maintain homeostasis, the breakdown of glucose to release energy must be followed by the
a) production of oxygen
b) division of the cell
c) removal of wastes
d) production of receptor molecules

The enrgy used to obtain, transfer, and transport materials within an organism comes directly from
a) ATP
b) DNA
c) sunlight
d) starch

The failure of the human body to effectively maintain dynamic equilibrium
a) reproductive success
b) gene manipulation
c) disease
d) differentiation

Breathing rate is constantly being monitored and adjusted in the bhuman body, which results in
a) the differentiation of mature body cells
b) feedback mechanisms removing damaged cells
c) modification of gene activity in cells
d) the internal environemnt being kept within certain limits

which statement descdribes enzymes
a) every enzyme controls many different reactions
b) the rate of activity of an enzyme might change as pH changes
c) temperature changes do not affect enzymes
d) enzymes are produced from the building blocks of carbohydrates

which group consists of entirely organic molecules?
a) protein, oxygen, fat
b) protein , starch, fat
c) water, carbon dioxide, oxygen
d) water, starch, protein

During gas exchange, the cell membrane of a single-celled organism has the same function as which organ sysem in humans?
a) Nervous
b) reprodutive
c) digestive
d) respiratory

Whcih cell structure is mainly responsible for releasing energy from food molecules in some single-celled organisms?
a) ribosome
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) cell membrane

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