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See you __________.
a) late
b) later
c) always
d) bye

What is a 'traje de bano' in English?
a) bath suit
b) robe
c) bathroom suit
d) bathing suit

I __________ dishes.
a) wish
b) want
c) wash
d) washes

'Fun' means ___________.
a) divertido
b) chistoso
c) agradable
d) juego

Can you _______ me?
a) next to
b) be
c) are
d) help

________ goes to school.
a) Children
b) A student
c) Students
d) We

__________ are you going?
a) what
b) with
c) where
d) who

He is eating ______ apple.
a) a
b) red
c) these
d) an

Choose the correct sentence. (There is only one.)
a) They is walking.
b) They're are walking.
c) They are walking.
d) They not walking.

I am a ____________.
a) sad
b) teacher
c) closet
d) mean

What do you put papers in?
a) chair
b) table
c) file
d) fold

What is one thing you usually DON'T do after eating dinner?
a) Brush your teeth.
b) Go to a restaurant.
c) Go to bed.
d) Watch TV.

What is the opposite of 'women'?
a) man
b) Mr.
c) woman
d) men

What does 'find out' mean?
a) encontrar
b) pensar
c) conocer
d) buscar

Where do you go to buy food?
a) a grocery store
b) a florist
c) a shoe store
d) an Apple store

What is one thing you DON'T do at a movie theater.
a) Eat popcorn
b) Watch TV.
c) Watch a film.
d) Wait in line.

Which animal has four legs?
a) a spider
b) an ant
c) a zebra
d) a kangaroo

Where do you go to mail a letter?
a) a postman
b) a post office
c) a posting office
d) a private office

Which is NOT a religious building?
a) school
b) temple
c) church
d) mosque

They put _______ books on the table.
a) there
b) them
c) their
d) a

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