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One purpose of teh Nuremburg Trails and of the Truth and reconciliation Commission in SOuth Africa was to
a) address human rights abuses
b) support the establishmentof democratic governments
c) establish free trade zones throughout the world
d) provide encouragement to people behind the Iron Curtain

One way in which Otto Von Bismarck and Camillo Cavour are similar is that both leaders
a) followed a policy of isolationism
b) adopted papal policies
c) led an African independence movement
d) promoted unification toform a new nation-state

'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity' and 'Peace, Land and Bread' are slogans used by revolutionaries to represent
a) frameworks for economic stability
b) political and economic ideals
c) plans for maintaining the social hierarchy
d) methods of political reform

Which technological advancement contributed most directly to the success of the Protestant Reformation
a) astrolabe
b) compass
c) wheel
d) printing press

The use of the decimal system, advancements in medicine, and construction of Hindu temples are most closely associated with the golden age of the
a) abbassid dynasty
b) han dynasty
c) gupta empire
d) Roman Empire

Which revolution led to increases in global food production as a result of using genetically altered seeds and large amounts of chemical fertililzers and pesticides.
a) Cultural
b) Glorious
c) Scientific
d) Green

Which action was taken by Deng Xiaoping to improve the economy of China?
a) discouraging foreign investment
b) encouraging some capitalist practices
c) organizing the Red Guard
d) practicing glasnot

Most conflicts in the Middle East during the post-World War II period have directly resulted from
a) the dissolution of the Arab League
b) border clashes between Iran and China
c) disputes related to Palestine
d) the partitiion of Egypt

What was a major reason the Soviet Union established satellite states in Eastern Europe after World War II?
a) developing better trade relations with the west
b) creating a buffer zone against future invasions
c) participating in United Nations peacekeeping missions
d) controlling the Organization of Patroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

Which condition was a result of Joseph Stalin's command economy?
a) peasants were encouraged to sell surplus grain for personal growth
b) the production of consumer goods increased
c) national revenue increased allowing for greater individual spending
d) the government controlled agriculture through collective farms

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