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Materials that can be designed to respond to environmental stimuli are called ______________.
a) nanomaterials
b) smart materials
c) biomaterials
d) bioplastics

_________________ properties control how a material reacts to heat or cold.
a) thermal
b) physical
c) optical
d) chemical

_____________ are used to replace natural body parts because the body does not reject them.
a) nanamaterials
b) smart materials
c) biomaterials
d) bioplastics

The strength of a material is its ability to _________________.
a) resist corrosion
b) transmit sound energy
c) conduct electricity
d) withstand a mechanical force

Which of the following is NOT an example of a manufactured board?
a) hardboard
b) particleboard
c) plywood
d) hardwood

The purpose of simulations is to ...
a) think of as many solutions as possible
b) select the best solution
c) test the solution
d) evaluate the solution

If you are brainstorming, you are . . .
a) looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of solutions
b) coming up with as many solutions as possible
c) testing solutions
d) implementing the solution

During which step of the problem-solving process does improvement of a solution take place?
a) developing possible solutions
b) evaluating the solution
c) implementing the solution
d) selecting the best solution

During which step of the problem-solving process are models made to test possible solutions?
a) implementing the solution
b) developing possible solutions
c) selecting the best solution
d) evaluating the solution

Sulfur dioxide pollution is generated by _________________.
a) power plants
b) industrial processes
c) vehicle emissions
d) both a and b

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