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April 9, 1865
a) Grant surrended to Lee
b) Lincoln was assinated by Booth
c) Stonewall Jackson surreneded to Sherman
d) Lee surrended to Grant

Sherman's March to the Sea
a) was an attempt to capture Atlanta
b) was one of the most resented aspects of the Civil War
c) overwhelmed the Union Forces
d) inspired Lincoln to write the Gettysburg address

What was Abraham Lincoln's chief purpose of the Gettysburg Address?
a) celebrate the Union's crushing victory of the Confederates
b) announce Lincoln's plans to emancipate southern slaves
c) explain the higher purpose of the Civil War
d) comfort Union troops on their way south

Which of these BEST describes the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation?
a) It allowed slavery to remain unaltered in states who already used slave labor.
b) The President publicly endorsed the abolition of slavery in southern states.
c) Former slaves were afforded the right to join the war effort.
d) It immediately freed the slaves throughout the country.

Select the best definition or the term - Battle of Antietam
a) Union victory in Maryland during the Civil War that marked the bloodiest single-day battle in U.S. military history.
b) Nation formed by the southern states on February 4, 1861; also known as the Confederacy.
c) Union Victory at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War that turned the tide against the Confederates
d) An act creating two new territories, Kansas and Nebraska, where voters would decide the slavery.

Select the best definition or the term - Battle of Gettysburg
a) Town in which Union general Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of Confederate general Robert E Lee, ending the Civil War
b) Speech given by Lincoln in which he praised Union soldiers bravery and renewed his commitment to winning the Civil War
c) Considered to be the turning point in the war

Select the best definition or the term -Appomattox Courthouse
a) Order issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 that freed the slaves in non-occupied areas rebelling against the Union.
b) Town in which Union general Grant accepts the surrender of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, ending the Civil War
c) A Supreme Court ruling stating that African Americans were not U.S. citizens.
d) A political party formed mainly to prevent the spread of slavery to the West.

One purpose of General William T. Sherman's March to the Sea was to
a) prove that he was the most skilled Union general
b) break the spirits of Confederate citizens
c) find ships to sail his soldiers to the North
d) allow troops under his command to get rest

What were 2 key victories for the Union?
a) Gettysburg and Antietam
b) None of these
c) Gettysburg and Vicksburg
d) Antietam and Vicksburg

General Sherman used total war in the March to the Sea. What is total war?
a) Fighting with machine guns.
b) Destroying all resources.
c) Fighting with only cannons.
d) Fighting face to face.

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