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The corn we eat today is larger abd has more kernels that the corn people first grew thousands of years ago. Which process is most likely responsible for teh changes that have occurred?
a) Mitosis
b) succession
c) direct harvesting
d) selective breeding

Which statement is correct concerning hereditary information?
a) a chromosome is composed of many genes
b) a gene is composed of many chromosomes
c) each chromosome carries the same information
d) each gene carries the same information

The basic building blocks of of a protein are
a) glucose molecules
b) hormones
c) amino acids
d) fats

Which statement concerning sexual reproduction is correct?
a) it is not necessary in order for the individual to survive
b) the offspring are identical to the parent
c) it is necessary in order for the individual to survive
d) the offspring are identical to each other

In an embryo, the formation of many types of tissues and organs occurs as a result of teh process of
a) fertilization
b) gene sorting
c) differentiation
d) gene recombination

Enzymes, hormones and antibodies are examples of what kind of organic molecule?
a) lipids
b) glucose
c) sugars
d) proteins

A test used to determine relationships amongst individuals
a) Gel electrophoresis
b) mitosis
c) gene sorting
d) natural selection

Which sequence correctly represents the arrangement of structures containing genetic material, from the largest to the smallest size?
a) chromosome → gene → nucleus
b) nucleus → chromosome → gene
c) gene → chromosome → nucleus
d) gene → nucleus → chromosome

Which two terms are considered to be opposite processes?
a) photosynthesis and autotrophic nutrition
b) digestion and synthesis
c) cloning and mitosis
d) dynamic equilibrium and homeostasis

Modern technology can be used to clone pet dogs and cats. The cloned pet will resemble the original pets because
a) the genes of the new pets are different than that of the original
b) half the genetic information of the new animals is the same as that of the original
c) the new animals have mutations not seen in the originals
d) the new animals have the same genetic information as the originals

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