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The resources that are put into a system are the ...
a) materials
b) pocesses
c) feedback
d) input

Consumer complaints and comments are an important part of .....
a) input
b) output
c) feedback
d) process

Which of the following is not a step of the problem-solving process?
a) select the best solution
b) state the problem clearly
c) form a hypothesis
d) develop possible solutions

During which step of the problem-solving process are models made to test possible solutions?
a) implementing the solution
b) developing possible solutions
c) selecting the best solution
d) evaluating the solution

All the activities that need to take place for a system to give the expected result make up the ...
a) resources
b) input
c) process
d) output

Systems with monitors providing feedback about the actual performances are called:
a) subsystems
b) inputs
c) control systems (closed loop)
d) outputs

The actual results of a system that the process produces are called the:
a) output
b) process
c) input
d) feedback

The command we give a system is the:
a) output
b) process
c) input
d) monitor

Information about the quantities and sizes of parts needed to make a product is an example of ...
a) input
b) process
c) output
d) feedback

Which of the following is NOT an example of an input of a manufacturing system?
a) assembly line robot
b) money
c) electricity
d) designing the product

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