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England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are political unites of what County in Europe?
a) Ireland
b) United Kingdom
c) Sweden

The landform region that includes the Carpathian Mountains, Apennines, along with Europe's highest peak Mont Blanc, is _____________________.
a) Pyrenees
b) Northwest highlands
c) Alps

Evergreens, or ___________ trees, grow in cooler areas of Europe's marine west coast cliamte zone.
a) palm
b) coniferous
c) deciduous

THe largest landform, in terms of land covered, in Europe is the_____________.
a) Northern European Plain
b) Alpine mountain system
c) Central Uplands

Europe has many ____________rivers. Rivers that are deep and wide enough for ships to travel.
a) polluted
b) navigable
c) deciduous

The river that ends in the Black Sea in Europe?
a) Danube
b) Yangtze
c) Amazon

Vast rain forests are found in which climate zone?
a) Humid subtropical
b) Marine west coast
c) Tropical wet

Ships use the Panama Canal to shorten travel time between the ______________.
a) Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
b) Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico
c) Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean

To produce gasohol, Brazil uses gasoline mized with alcohol produced from ___________.
a) palm oil
b) Brazil nuts
c) sugarcane

Cooler temperatures are found at higher __________.
a) winds
b) tropics
c) altitudes

Group of islands is called a ___________.
a) isthmus
b) Pampas
c) archipelago

Which of the following is grown in the tierra caliente?
a) potatoes
b) bananas
c) wheat

A temporary warming of the Pacific Ocean off the South American coast, due to a weaker than normal ocean current.
a) global warming
b) ozone depletion
c) el Nino

Largest and longest mountain range in South America is?
a) The Andes
b) Himalayas
c) Rockies

The Amazon River is ____________ miles long.
a) 4,000
b) 6,000
c) 7,000

Country with the greatest reserves of oil in South America?
a) Venezuela
b) Columbia
c) Argentina

Brazilian Highlands end with an ____________ or steep cliff that drops down to the Atlantic coastal plain.
a) llanos
b) estuary
c) escarpment

Group of islands that is not part of the Caribbean.
a) Bahamas
b) Lesser Antilles
c) Greater Antilles
d) The Galapagos

World's most powerful river that flows through the rain forest in South America.
a) Amazon
b) Nile
c) Indus

Europeans developed skills in fishing, sailing, and trading because
a) most Europeans live close to a coast or navigable river.
b) they are landlocked
c) Europeans don't like farming

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