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What is the function of the lungs (pulmones)?
a) digest
b) reproduce
c) respire
d) move

Which 2 systems work together to deliver nutrients to the cells? Coal 2 sistemas trabajan junto a transporter nutrientes?
a) skeletal and muscular
b) respiratory and skeletal
c) endocrine and excretory
d) digestive and circulatory

What is it called when tissues work together? Los tejidos trabajan juntos para produce
a) organs
b) system
c) cell
d) organism

How is life organized? Que es el organizacion de la vida? Mas complicado o menos complicado
a) organ, cell, tissue, system
b) cell, organ, system, tissue
c) system, organ, tissue, cell
d) tissue, system, cell, organ

Which human body is associated with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and lungs? Cual sistema tiene oxigeno, dioxido carbon, y los pulmones?
a) digestive
b) excretory
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

How does the circulatory system depend on the respiratory system? ┬┐Como la sistema de circulatorio y respiratorio trabajan junto?
a) La sistema de respiratorio saca oxigeno afuera la sistema de circulatorio
b) La sistema de respiratorio absorbe oxigeno a la sistema de circulatorio
c) La sistema de respiratorio ayuda la sistema de circulatorio a transportar nutrientes
d) La sistema de respiratorio ayuda la sistema de circulatorio a sacar dechechos

Which system in the human body function primarily to transport nutrients and oxygen? Cual sistema transportar nutrientes?
a) digestive
b) endocrine
c) respiratory
d) circulatory

The small intestines... (Los intestines...)
a) support the body structure (soportar el cuerpo)
b) protect the body from diseases (proteger el cuerpo desde enfermedad)
c) absorb nutrients
d) exchange gas (cambia gas)

Two boxes have the same volume, but Box 1 has more molecules than Box 2. Dos cajas tiene mismo volumen, per Caja 1 tiene mas moleculas que Caja 2
a) Box 2 has more mass than Box 1. Caja 2 tiene mas masa que Caja 1
b) Box 1 has more mass than Box 2. Caja 1 tiene mas masa due Caja 2
c) Box 2 has more volume than box 1. Caja 2 tiene mas volumen que Caja 1
d) Box 1 has more volume than box 2. Caja 1 tiene mas volumen que Caja 2

Which instrument would measure 10ml most accurately? Cual instrumento mide 10 ml exacto?
a) graduated cylinder
b) measuring cup
c) small beaker

When North Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, it is (Cuando el norte inclina hacia el sol, el estacion es:)
a) spring
b) summer
c) fall
d) winter

What causes season? Cual es la causa de estaciones?
a) the occurrence of El Nino o La Nina
b) The number of sunspots on the sun.
c) The tile of the earth at 23.5
d) the number of cold fronts

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