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Which country experienced the most casualties as a result of the war?
a) USA
c) Germany

On what date did Japan surrender and WW2 come to an end?
a) August 14, 1945
b) December 7, 1941
c) July 4, 1946

On which city was the first atom bomb dropped?
a) Alamaordo
b) Tokyo
c) Hiroshima

Why did President Truman decide to drop the atom bomb?
a) He hoped to bring a swift end to the war
b) He wanted to avoid heavy US casualites
c) All these are correct

Why was the capture of Okinawa important to the Allies?
a) It housed the Japanese bomber fleet. Taking it out would mean an Allied victory.
b) The Japanese held 76,000 Allied troops there and the US needed to rescue them.
c) It was only 350 miles from Japan and could be used to mount a land invasion.

What is island hopping?
a) bombing enemies from the air
b) capturing islands to use as a base for the next attack
c) frog races on tropical islands

Who were the US commanders in the Pacific?
a) MacArthur, Nimitz, Halsey
b) Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin
c) Tojo, Isoroku, Yamamoto

Describe the Japanese attitude towards battle.
a) They were highly organized and would have won the war if Germany had not surrendered.
b) Their attack strategies were mostly ineffective against the stronger Allied forces.
c) They felt it was dishonorable to surrender and fought to nearly the last man.

Why was the Battle of Midway important?
a) After losing it, the Japanese could no longer attack, only defend.
b) It was the first only air battle involving planes dropping bombs on their enemies.
c) It allowed the Japanese to set up a base in order to invade Australia.

What is similar about the attacks on bases at Pearl Harbor and in the Philippines?
a) It was unexpected
b) The Japanese did significant damage to American forces.
c) All are correct

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