Samuels BIO Endocrine System I Question Preview (ID: 31664)

Biology Endocrine System I.[print questions]

What type of gland makes and secretes products outside of the body?
a) exocrine glands
b) endocrine glands
c) thyroid gland
d) pituitary gland

What are chemicals that are messengers that regulate almost every function in the body?
a) hormones
b) glandins
c) histones
d) platelets

What gland is known as the “master gland” and is found in the hypothalamus of the brain?
a) pituitary gland
b) thyroid gland
c) adrenal gland
d) pineal gland

What gland regulates metabolism and is located in th the neck?
a) thyroid gland
b) pituitary gland
c) adrenal gland
d) pineal gland

Which gland regulates calcium in the blood?
a) parathyroid gland
b) thyroid gland
c) pancreas
d) pituitary gland

Which gland regulates the body’s wake and sleep cycles and is located in the brain?
a) pineal gland
b) pancreas
c) pituitary
d) adrenal gland

Which part of the endocrine system is responsible for producing insulin and glucagon?
a) pancreas
b) pituitary
c) thyroid
d) adrenal gland

Which of the following is the “fight or flight” hormone which enters the blood when you are excited or alarmed?
a) epinephrine
b) cortisol
c) aldosterone
d) melatonin

Which hormone increases the storage of calcium in bone tissue when calcium is too high in the blood?
a) calcitonin
b) glucagon
c) steroid
d) melatonin

Which hormone stimulates bone tissue to give up calcium to the blood?
a) parathyroid hormone
b) epinephrine
c) melatonin
d) cortisol

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