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Blood is a type of ______ tissue.
a) connective
b) epithelial
c) muscular
d) nerve

Which is not a type of blood cell?
a) blue blood cell
b) red blood cells
c) white blood cells
d) platelets

Which blood cell has the functions of transporting oxygen and picking up carbon dioxide?
a) red blood cell
b) white blood cell
c) blue blood cell
d) platelet

Where does the formation of blood cells occur?
a) bone marrow
b) heart
c) muscles
d) veins

Which blood cell has the function of protecting the body against disease?
a) white blood cells
b) red blood cells
c) blue blood cells
d) platelets

Which blood cell is responsible for making blood clots and making vessel repairs?
a) platelets
b) red blood cells
c) white blood cells
d) blue blood cells

What is the thickening of blood to form a clot?
a) coagulation
b) anemia
c) hemolysis
d) hemophilia

The 4 lobes of the heart are left atrium, right atrium, left ______ and right ______.
a) ventricle
b) valve
c) artery
d) vein

This is a defect in the valves causing a hissing sound when a stream of blood moves backward.
a) heart murmur
b) heart attack
c) lub
d) dub

The protein in red blood cells that combines with oxygen and transports it to tissues is called ______.
a) hemoglobin
b) hematopoiesis
c) hemophilia
d) platelets

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