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How can calories be reduced when preparing protein foods?
a) Cook for a long time
b) Cook in the crockpot
c) Select lean cuts of meat
d) Serve with gravy on meat

How does frying compare with sauteing?
a) Frying involves shaking the pan back and forth; sauteing the pan remains still
b) Frying is high in calories; sauteing uses a large amount of fat.
c) Frying uses a small amount of fat; sauteing uses a large amount of fat
d) Frying usually involves very small pieces of food; sauteing involves bigger pieces of food

How does microwaving compare with baking?
a) Microwaving bread is better than baking in the oven
b) Microwaving causes foods to brown better than baking in a conventional oven
c) Microwaving is faster than baking in a conventional oven
d) Microwaving is moister than baking in a conventional oven

How can calories be reduced when preparing grains?
a) Season with salted pork meat
b) Season with spices and oil
c) Serve grain cereal with high sugar content
d) Serve grains with gravy

Delores is a vegetarian. Which casserole would be best for her to eat?
a) Beef lasagna
b) Green bean cassserole
c) Ham and pineapple with cheese and cracker crumbs
d) Shrimp casserole

Which food takes the longest time to prepare?
a) Cheese biscuit
b) Omelet
c) Three bean casserole
d) Tossed salad

Jason cooked instant rice. He brought the water to a boil, added the rice:
a) and cooked uncovered
b) cooked 2 minutes, transferred to a baking pan, and baked for 8 minutes
c) Covered, turned off the heat, and let stand for 10 minutes
d) Returned to a boil, and boiled until all water had evaporated

What is the primary benefit of a legume?
a) B Vitamins
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin D
d) Water

What is an example of a legume?
a) Artichokes
b) Corn
c) Lentils
d) Squash

What is an example of a legume?
a) Cabbage
b) Dried butter beans
c) Onions
d) Potatoes

What is the primary benefit of a legume?
a) Protein
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin D
d) Water

Which protein foods are full of protein and have fewer calories in fat?
a) Bacon
b) Beef
c) Fish
d) Pork

What are the health benefits of eating vegetables as compared to eating red meats?
a) May increase the amount of calorie intake in one day
b) May increase the amount of fat in the diet
c) May increase the amount of protein in the diet
d) May reduce the risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases

How should fruit be eaten to best preserve nutrients?
a) Baked with the skin left on
b) Fried in oil
c) Grilled
d) Stewed in water and butter

Casseroles, soups, and protein salads compare favorably with other meals because they are:
a) Easy to prepare but not nutritious
b) Difficult to prepare
c) Expensive, but satisfying meals
d) Inexpensive, nutritious, and satisfying meals

Janis has several uncooked vegetables left from other meals. She wants to prepare a quick, low-calorie, inexpensive dinner. She could:
a) Allow her pets to eat the leftovers and go out to eat
b) Dispose of the vegetables and buy other ingredients
c) Prepare a rib eye steak to go with the vegetables
d) Prepare a vegetable stir fry

Joan purchased a tougher cut of meat. To make the meat more tender she should:
a) Braise it
b) Broil it
c) Microwave it
d) Pour off the liquid and then stir fry

How does one braise a beef steak?
a) Cook by browning in a small amount of hot fat
b) Cook by turning to a desired temperature for 10 minutes before adding food
c) Cook in a covered pan using low heat in a small amount of liquid
d) Cook using vapor made by liquids that have reached 212 degrees fahrenheit

How is bacon broiled?
a) Cook by dry, hot air uncovered in an oven
b) Cook in a liquid that has a temperature of 212 degrees
c) Cook on top of the range in a fry pan
d) Cook under direct heat

Which is an example of basting food?
a) Changing butter from a solid to a liquid
b) Cutting cucumbers into 1/4 inch squares
c) Spooning tomato sauce over pork roast as it cooks
d) Sprinkling gingerbread with powdered sugar

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