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Body systems work together to maintain a stable internal environment through ______.
a) homeostasis
b) nervous connection
c) sensory adaption
d) pathosis

Which of the following tissues move the body and its parts?
a) muscle
b) nerve
c) epithelial
d) connective

Which of the following tissues controls organs and coordinates all functions?
a) nerve
b) muscle
c) epithelial
d) connective

Which of the following tissues line all body parts, cover and protect organs, regulate temperature?
a) epithelial
b) muscle
c) nerve
d) connective

Which of the following tissues connect parts of the body?
a) connective
b) epithelial
c) muscle
d) nerve

What is the term for fluid in the area surrounding tissues?
a) interstitial fluid
b) blood
c) entitled liquid
d) interspersed fluid

Which membrane lines the joint cavities?
a) synovial
b) serous
c) mucous
d) cutaneous

Which membrane makes up the skin?
a) cutaneous
b) mucous
c) serous
d) synovial

Which membrane is the lining for openings to the outside?
a) mucous
b) cutaneous
c) serous
d) synovial

What is the liquid matrix of blood tissue called?
a) plasma
b) red blood cell
c) cytoplasm
d) jelly

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