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2 S + 3 O2 -- 2 SO3, if 6.3 grams of S and 10.0 grams of O2 react, what is the limiting reactant?
a) O2
b) S
c) SO3
d) none of the above

How many atoms of aluminum are in 14.9g of aluminum?
a) 3.3x10^23
b) 0.55
c) 9.2x10^-25
d) 9.0x10^24

In the reaction 2 S + 3 O2 -- Fe2O3, if given 4.0 mole of S, how many mole of O2?
a) 12.0
b) 6.0
c) 9.0
d) 4.0

Fe3O4 + 4 CO -- 4 CO2 + 3 Fe, If 201 g Fe3O4 react, how many grams of CO2 form?
a) 153 g
b) 95 g
c) 167 g
d) 192 g

What is the percent composition of sodium in sodium phosphate?
a) 42%
b) 14%
c) 19%
d) 58%

What do you call the mass of 1 mole of a substance?
a) molar mass
b) molarity
c) atomic mass
d) mole

When gas burns to cook food, the type of reaction is _____.
a) synthesis
b) combustion
c) decomposition
d) single replacement

The mass of the reactants equals the mass of the products. This is the Law of
a) multiple proportions
b) gravity
c) conservation of mass
d) Avogadro's number

The number, 6.02x10^23 is known as
a) Planck's Constant
b) Avogadro's Number
c) Schrodinger's Number
d) Einstein's Constant

The SI unit used to measure the number of particles in a substance is called the ___.
a) kilogram
b) liter
c) mole
d) meter

The reactant that is used up first in a chemical reaction is known as the ___________ reactant.
a) excess
b) limiting
c) surplus
d) restricting

The study of the amounts of reactants used and products formed from a chemical reaction is called ___?
a) geology
b) stoichiometry
c) biology
d) pharmacology

Which type of chemical equation involves one compound breaking apart into two or more molecules?
a) decomposition
b) single replacement
c) double replacement
d) synthesis

The molar mass of Al2(SO4)3 is what?
a) 278.5 g
b) 314.5 g
c) 400.3 g
d) 342.1 g

This type of matter has indefinite shape and indefinite volume
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) none of these

A mixture which the composition is not uniform throughout, for example pizza, is considered
a) heterogeneous
b) compound
c) homogeneous
d) mosaic

Table salt (NaCl) is an example of a
a) base
b) element
c) compound
d) mixture

A water molecule has an uneven sharing of electrons between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom, because of this, water is ______
a) polar
b) nonpolar
c) soluble
d) insoluble

For an atom, the number of electrons equals the number of ________ and the _________ number
a) protons, mass
b) atoms, atomic
c) protons, atomic
d) atoms, mass

Bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an mass number of 80, how many neutrons does it have?
a) 45
b) 35
c) 80
d) 115

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