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The land was split up into ___________ in the Persian Empire and each had a noble that was in charge.
a) Countries
b) States
c) Provinces

Persians developed a money system based on a gold coin called the:
a) Daric
b) Cent
c) Dollar

___________ started in Persia and was later adopted by other religions.
a) Zoroastrianism
b) Christianity
c) Hinduism

The Greeks were a __________ people; they depended on the sea for their way of life.
a) Hearty
b) Maritime
c) Warm

__________ and ___________ were two of the most famous city-states of Greece.
a) Athens and Athena
b) Sparta and Philistine
c) Athens and Sparta

Athens was famous for ____________ ; this is about thinking and learning about life and its values.
a) Maritime
b) Philosophy
c) Democracy

Sparta was famous for _________ ; they trained young boys to become strong, military soldiers.
a) Their army
b) Their navy
c) Their democracy

________ were Romans who fought in Roman colosseums for the entertainment of others. They were often slaves.
a) Gladiators
b) Dragons
c) Noblemen

Rome had a ____________; they voted for representatives of the people.
a) Democracy
b) Gladiator
c) Republic

The wealthy people were called ____________.
a) Patricians
b) Plebeians

Farmers and common people were called:
a) Patricians
b) Plebeians

Judaism is a people who believe in...
a) The Torah and one God
b) The New Testiment and the Bible
c) The Five Pillars of Life

Hinduism is people who believe in...
a) The teachings of the Old Testement and the Torah
b) A religion that believes in the brahma, veda, and dharma.
c) A reliegion that follows the bible strictly

Buddhism is a people who believe in:
a) Buddha and the five pillars of life
b) The old testament and the Torah
c) The brahma, veda and dharma

Christianity is a people who believe in:
a) The new testement of the bible
b) the old testement and the Torah
c) Buddha and the veda

The last day of school is....
a) horrible
b) awesome
c) our party day

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