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I was designated as the official state reptile in 1979. I have a hard outer shell with bright markings of orange and yellow. You may find me living in the moist areas of woods or meadows. What am I?
a) Eastern Box Turtle
b) Alligator
c) Snapping Turlte
d) Eastern King Snake

I was designated as the official state bird in 1943. You will often find me singing tunes in your backyard. If I am a male, I am brightly colored red. Most birds fly south in the winter, but I never leave my home. What am I?
a) Cardinal
b) Bald Eagle
c) Mallard duck
d) Osprey

I was designated as the official state rock in 1979. I am found all over North Carolina. You will often find me in a rock quarry where I am sold for building materials when super smooth surfaces are needed. What am I?
a) Granite
b) Gold
c) Emerald
d) Obsidian

I was designated as the official state mammal in 1969. I have a fluffy, long tail, and clawed feet for climbing trees. You may see me scurrying from tree to tree hunting for acorns. What am I?
a) Gray Squirrel
b) Panther
c) Beaver
d) Gray Fox

I was designated as the official state insect in 1993. North Carolinians use me to make beeswax and honey. I am also recognized as the official state symbol in 17 other states. What am I?
a) Honeybee
b) Red ant
c) Dragonfly
d) Stink bug

I was designated as the official state vegetable in 1995. North Carolina is the largest producer of my crop and Native Americans started harvesting me in the 1400s. What am I?
a) Sweet potato
b) Corn
c) Tomatoes
d) Spinach

a) e
b) f
c) g
d) h

a) j
b) k
c) l
d) m

a) o
b) p
c) q
d) r

a) t
b) u
c) v
d) w

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