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Which of the following is not a component of a nucleotide?
a) isotope
b) nitrogen bases
c) phosphate group
d) sugar

Nucleotides are also known as ___?
a) DNA monomers
b) DNA polymerase
c) histones
d) helicase

Which of the following is a purine?
a) adenine
b) cytosine
c) thymine
d) uracil

Which of following is a pyrimidine?
a) thymine
b) guanine
c) adenine
d) glucose

DNA strands are connected by what type of bond?
a) hydrogen
b) covalent
c) metallic
d) ionic

Which scientist used x-ray diffraction to examine the structure of DNA?
a) Rosalind Franklin
b) Erwin Chargaff
c) James Watson
d) Francis Crick

What is the shape of DNA called?
a) double helix
b) double helicase
c) single helix
d) single helicase

Which scientist discovered that certain bases pair together?
a) Erwin Chargaff
b) Rosalind Franklin
c) James Watson
d) Francis Crick

Which nitrogen base pairs with guanine?
a) cytosine
b) guanine
c) adenine
d) uracil

Where in the cell is DNA found in a prokaryote?
a) cytoplasm
b) cell wall
c) cytoskeleton
d) nucleus

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