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Primary succession starts with
a) Soil
b) No soil
c) Some soil
d) Some grass

Secondary succession starts with
a) Soil
b) No soil
c) Some soil
d) Some grass

Pioneer species for primary are
a) Lichen and mosses
b) Mosses and grass
c) Grass and lichen
d) Lichen and grass

What comes first after secondary succession?
a) Lichen and mosses
b) Grasses and weeds
c) Weeds and grasses
d) Lichen and weeds

Natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes are linked to ________________ succession.
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Climax community
d) Pond succession

What is the correct order for secondary succession?
a) Lichen, grass, ferns, pine tree
b) grass, shrubs, ferns, pine tree
c) Mosses, fern, shrubs, pine tree
d) Lichen, fern, mosses, pine tree

What catastrophic event will cause primary succession
a) Deforestation
b) Volcanic eruption
c) Tornado
d) Hurricane

What catastrophic event will cause secondary succession?
a) Volcanic eruption
b) Glacier retreat
c) Forest fire
d) Removing all the soil

A stable community is also known as...
a) Climax community
b) Climax trees
c) Climax population
d) Climax species

An ecosystem can experience both primary and secondary succession
a) True
b) False

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