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The substance that does the dissolving in a solution is known as the ______.
a) solvent
b) solute
c) mixture
d) colloid

The substance that is dissolved is known as the ______.
a) solute
b) solvent
c) mixture
d) colloid

The solution is a ______ mixture.
a) homogenous
b) heterogenous
c) hepogenous
d) hotorogenous

Substances that are in the same phase and are completely soluble are said to be ______.
a) miscible
b) immiscible
c) heterogenous
d) solvented

Substances that do not dissolve in each other are said to be ______.
a) immiscible
b) miscible
c) homogenous
d) saturated

Ions that are surrounded by water molecules are said to be ______.
a) hydrated
b) oiled
c) soluted
d) colloided

Which of the following is not a factor that affects solution rate?
a) activation energy
b) stirring
c) surface area
d) temperature

A solution that contains all solutes possible under equilibrium at a given temperature is ______.
a) saturated
b) unsaturated
c) supersaturated
d) hypersaturated

A solution that contains more solute than the solvent can dissolve is called ______.
a) supersaturated
b) saturated
c) unsaturated
d) hypersaturated

The amount of solute that is present in a saturated solution tells the ______ of the solute.
a) solubility
b) crystallizability
c) enthalpy
d) temperature

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