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Forces that bind molecules together to form larger structures are known as
a) intermolecular forces
b) intramolecular forces
c) chemical bonds
d) strong nuclear force

Attraction force between polar molecules
a) dipole-dipole force
b) London forces
c) hydrogen bond
d) ionic bond

The only intermolecular force that affect nonpolar molecules
a) London force
b) dipole-dipole force
c) hydrogen bond
d) ionic bond

The random chance of electrons temporarily being close together creating a brief polar charge
a) London force
b) dipole-dipole force
c) hydrogen bond
d) ionic bond

The strong force that exists after hydrogen is near strongly electronegative atoms
a) hydrogen bond
b) London force
c) dipole-dipole
d) ionic bond

The stronger the intermolecular forces between the molecules of a solid, the ______ the melting point.
a) higher
b) non-existent
c) the same
d) lower

Water is a polar substance, whereas, oil is a nonpolar substance. Oil mixed with water will
a) not dissolve at all
b) completely dissolve
c) dissolve at a lower temperature
d) dissolve with a higher concentration

Water is a polar substance, and sugar is a polar substance. Sugar mixed in water will
a) completely dissolve
b) not dissolve at all
c) dissolve at freezing
d) evaporate

These solids have molecules arranged in 3D pattern.
a) crystalline solids
b) amorphous solids
c) 3D solids
d) pattern solids

In order to minimize empty space, metals arrange themselves in cubic and hexagonals. This is known as ______.
a) close packing
b) unit cell
c) amorphous cell
d) solubility

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