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These devices send and receive information by converting between digital data and analog data.
a) modem
b) printers
c) speakers
d) keyboard

This is the most basic form of input on a computer.
a) keyboard
b) scanner
c) pointing display
d) printer

This directs the computer to perform basic functions for operation
a) operating system
b) application
d) LAN

This includes certain games, music and video players, spreadsheets, adobe, office.
a) applications
b) operating system
c) programming
d) internet

Machine language that uses binary numbers with each number corresponding to a basic operation is part of ______.
a) computer programming
b) LAN
c) MPO
d) microprocessing

This is a smaller network found in homes, schools, businesses.
a) LAN
b) world wide web
c) internet
d) ROM

This is a worldwide network.
a) internet
b) LAN
c) ROM

The internet was first started where?
a) U.S. Department of Defense
b) Japan Department of Development
c) India Department of Resources
d) Russia Department of Technology

The system of using internet to access remote computer resources that store, process, and manage users’ data is known as ______.
a) cloud computing
b) sky computing
c) flash memory
d) binary highway

When you use the touch screen on your phone, you are using the ______.
a) pointing display
b) scanner
c) camera
d) keyboard

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