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Physical Science Electric Current.[print questions]

Charges that are stationary represents
a) static electricity
b) nonstatic electricity
c) current electricity
d) flowing electricity

Electricity that flows in one direction describes
a) direct current
b) alternating current
c) monolateral current
d) indirect current

Electricity that reverses at regular intervals is:
a) alternating current
b) direct current
c) monolateral current
d) indirect current

The difference between 2 electric charges that describes the force of flow is called
a) voltage
b) current
c) resistance
d) power

The rate of charge flow is called
a) current
b) resistance
c) voltage
d) power

Energy used per unit of time is called
a) power
b) current
c) resistance
d) voltage

The SI unit for current is
a) Ampere
b) Volt
c) Ohm
d) Watt

This is called electrical friction and is the measure of energy converted into heat due to resistance.
a) Joule heat
b) Current heat
c) Ampere heat
d) Resistance energy

Electric companies charge for electricity by this amount.
a) kilowatt-hour
b) kilovolt-minute
c) kilovolt-hour
d) kilowatt-minute

Which of the following describes a relationship between voltage, current and resistance?
a) Ohm’s law
b) Power law
c) Volt’s law
d) Ampere’s law

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