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Areas of concentrated magnetism with opposite properties are known as ____.
a) poles
b) spheres
c) flux
d) force

Imaginary lines that indicate the direction and strength of a magnetic field.
a) lines of flux
b) lines of force
c) lines a magnets
d) line of field

Which of the following are not magnetically permeable substances?
a) copper
b) iron
c) cobalt
d) nickel

What law says that the force between magnetic poles is directly related to poles strengths?
a) Law of Magnetic Force
b) Law of Magnetic Poles
c) Domain Theory
d) Law of Conservation of Charge

What is a train that levitates above magnetized tracks in order to travel at high speeds?
a) maglev train
b) freight train
c) high speed rail train
d) light rail

An object capable of attracting materials by magnetic force is called:
a) magnet
b) electrolytic object
c) charged object
d) electrolyte

What is the most important cause of magnetism in magnetic materials?
a) electron spin
b) proton neutrality
c) neutron heat
d) unmoving particles

A group of aligned atoms having a single magnetic field.o
a) domains
b) electrons
c) dominions
d) proton

The more unpaired electrons per atom a substance has the _____ magnetic that substance will be.
a) more
b) less
c) equally
d) not enough information

What law/theory states that the magnetic field of a magnet is the sum of the fields of thousands of domains?
a) domain theory
b) law of conservation of charge
c) law of magnetic force
d) pole theory

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