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The unit used to measure sound intensity in a way that reflects how our ears perceive sound.
a) decibel
b) bel
c) herz
d) doppler

What type of wave does sound travel as?
a) longitudinal
b) transverse
c) lateral
d) vertical

Speeds above the speed of sound is called ______.
a) supersonic
b) infrasonic
c) subsonic
d) presonic

The effect of intensity on the way the ear perceives sound is ______.
a) loudness
b) frequency
c) pitch
d) key

A loud noise caused by a shock wave is a ______.
a) sonic boom
b) superclast boom
c) ionic blast
d) hypersonic blast

The effect of frequency on the way the ear perceives sound is ______.
a) pitch
b) volume
c) loudness
d) amplitude

Which part of a sound wave results in high pressure with air molecules bunched up?
a) compression pulse
b) rarefaction pulse
c) trough
d) crest

How does sound behave in a vacuum like space?
a) not travel at all
b) travels slower
c) travels quickly
d) travel the same speed as on Earth

Who is the scientist that put an alarm in a glass jar to show the effect of a vacuum on sound?
a) Robert Boyle
b) Galileo Galilei
c) Sir Isaac Newton
d) Michael Faraday

The change in frequency because of an object's motion is known as:
a) the Doppler effect
b) intensity
c) siren
d) sonic boom

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