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What are devices designed to do work called?
a) machines
b) forces
c) mechanics
d) power

If you apply the law of conservation of energy to simple machines then which of the following is true?
a) machines cannot create energy
b) machines can return more work than it receives
c) work put into the machine is less that the work received from the machine
d) work input work output

What is a measure of how well a machine converts input work into output work?
a) efficiency
b) effort
c) power
d) reliability

What type of lever has the fulcrum on one end and the output on the other end?
a) class 3
b) class 2
c) class 1
d) class 4

What type of simple machine is a sloping surface that allows an object to be raised without lifting it up?
a) inclined plane
b) wedge
c) pulley
d) screw

What type of simple machine is a ferris wheel?
a) wheel and axle
b) pulley
c) lever
d) screw

What type of simple machine resembles an incline plane wrapping around a rod?
a) screw
b) pulley
c) lever
d) wedge

What type of simple machine has a rope or cable that passes over a wheel to keep the force the same or multiply it?
a) pulley
b) wheel and axle
c) screw
d) lever

What type of simple machine is a knife?
a) wedge
b) screw
c) lever
d) none of these

Can a simple machine lose work input (produce less work that was put in)?
a) yes
b) no

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