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The relations and communications with other countries
a) Diplomacy
b) Sanctions
c) Neutrality
d) National Security Advisor

The director of the National Security Council
a) Neutrality
b) Diplomacy
c) National Security Advisor
d) Sanctions

A policy of not taking sides in wars between other countries
a) Sanctions
b) National Security Advisor
c) Diplomacy
d) Neutrality

Measures that stop or limit trade with another nation in order to change its behavior
a) Neutrality
b) National Security Advisor
c) Sanctions
d) Diplomacy

Which would be least likely to advise the President on foreign policy
b) National Security Advisor
c) Secretary of State
d) Department of Defense

Who are not employees of the Department of State
a) consuls
b) foreign affairs experts
c) ambassadors
d) soldiers

Which is not a role of congress in foreign policy
a) declare war
b) approve treaties
c) appoint ambassadors
d) write bills affecting foreign relations

What is a way individuals can affect foreign policy
a) send ambassadors
b) write to congress
c) declare war
d) form alliances

Who is on the national security council?
a) President
b) Secretary of Defense
c) Vice President
d) All of the above

Name a way a private group might effect foreign policy
a) pressure other countries
b) restrict travel
c) organize boycotts
d) tax imports

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