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The actual yield of a product is
a) measured experimentally
b) a negative value
c) independent of the reactants
d) the same as the theoretical yield

Percent yield of a product is a measure of a reaction's
a) efficiency
b) heat production
c) rate
d) spontaneity

In a reaction, substances A and B form substance C. If the actual mole ratio of substance B to substance A is less than the balanced equation mole ratio of substance B to substance A, substance B is
a) limiting reactant
b) actual yield
c) excess reactant
d) product

Limiting a reactant is often accomplished by
a) producing excess product
b) using an excess of another reactant
c) overcoming conservation of mass
d) slowing down a chemical reaction

Calculating the mass of a reactant and product from the number of moles of another product or reactant in a chemical equation is an example of a
a) mole-to-mass conversion
b) mole-to-mole conversion
c) mass-to-mole conversion
d) mass-to-mass conversion

In the decomposition reaction of compound AB into substances A and B, what is the number of mole ratios?
a) 3
b) 1
c) 6
d) 9

Mole ratios for a reaction are obtained from the
a) molar masses
b) periodic table
c) balanced chemical equation
d) total mass of products

In a balanced chemical equation, the numbers of individual particles and the numbers of moles of particles are represented by the
a) subscripts
b) molar masses
c) chemical symbols
d) coefficients

Stoichiometry is based on the law of conservation of
a) reactants
b) charge
c) mass
d) volume

The SI unit of molar mass is the
a) gram
b) gram/mole
c) mole
d) mole/gram

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