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In which environment would you find evergreen trees, chipmunks, and moose?
a) Coniferous forest
b) Desert
c) Tropical rainforest
d) Tundra

Populations are made up of organisms that belong to:
a) many different species
b) the same species
c) different communities

All of the populations in an ecosystem make up a:
a) niche
b) biosphere
c) habitat
d) community

In a grasslands ecosystem, lions are predators that eat antelope. What impact would the sudden disappearance of lions most likely have on this ecosystem?
a) the population of Antelopes would increase.
b) The climate would grow increasingly warmer.
c) Antelopes would start to eat each other.
d) The grasses would grow larger.

The role a species plays within a community is its
a) biosphere
b) population
c) niche
d) habitat

The role a species plays within a community is its:
a) biosphere
b) population
c) niche
d) habitat

If the rodent population decreases in a country ecosystem, what happens to the owls?
a) Their numbers decrease.
b) They become endangered.
c) Their numbers increase.
d) Their numbers stay the same.

Organisms belonging to the same species living together in the same place at the same time are a
a) niche
b) ecosystem
c) community
d) population

What components makeup a habitat?
a) food, water, shelter, and space.
b) predator, prey, and producer.
c) population, community, and ecosystem.

All the organisms living in an area and the nonliving features of their environment make up a(n):
a) ecosystem
b) niche
c) ecological community
d) enivornment

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