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Concentration of dissolved substances is higher than the concentration inside the cell, water moves out of the cell.
a) Isotonic
b) Hypotonic
c) Osmosis
d) Hypertonic

Relationship where both organisms benefit
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Neutralism
d) Parasitism

Simplest living things. They have no membrane bound organelles.
a) Prokaryotes
b) Eukaryotes
c) Sokaryote
d) Plakaryotes

Made up of amino acids, are large molecules composed of one or more long chains of amino acids and are an essential part of all living organisms. act as enzymes
a) Proteins
b) Carbohydrates
c) Lipids
d) Nucleic Acids

Eukaryotic cells that get their food by decomposing matter or eating off their hosts are parasites. They do not possess chlorophyll. They reproduce through spores.
a) Eubacteria
b) Fungi
c) Protista
d) Archaebacteria

System who's job is to secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream
a) Excretory
b) Respiratory
c) Nervous
d) Endocrine

Stores information in the form of a code. structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA
a) Lipid
b) Carbohydrate
c) Nucleic Acid
d) Lipid

Concentration of dissolved substances is lower than the concentration inside the cell, water moves into the cell.
a) Hypotonic
b) Hypertonic
c) Isotonic
d) Osmosis

Made up of more than one molecule, normally form chains/structures
a) Ronomer
b) Sonomer
c) Monomer
d) Polymer

Cell division where that results in two daughter cells that have the same number of chromosomes and are identical copies of the parent cell
a) natural selection
b) mitosis
c) meiosis
d) mutation

Organism with membrane bound organelles
a) Eukaryote
b) Prokaryote
c) Plakaryote
d) Sokaryote

Which System deals with the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between air and blood?
a) Endocrine
b) Nervous
c) Respiratory
d) Excretory

Relationship between two species of plants and animals in which one benefits and one is harmed
a) Commensalism
b) Parasitism
c) Mutualism
d) Neutralism

Which system transmits sensory and motor information throughout the body?
a) Endocrine
b) Nervous
c) Respiratory
d) Excretory

Made up of more than one monomer. A primary energy source for cells, examples are sugars and starches
a) Nucleic Acid
b) Lipid
c) Carbohydrate
d) Protein

Prokaryotes that have cell walls and are found only in extreme environments
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Eubacteria
d) Archaebacteria

Prokaryotes that are either spherical, spiral or rod shaped. They also lack chlorophyll, reproduce by fission and basically live everywhere
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Eubacteria
d) Archaebacteria

An eukaryotic organism that has a simple cell structure. Have different ways to move such as cillia, flagella, or pseudopodia. examples are slime molds, algae and ameobas.
a) Protista
b) Fungi
c) Eubacteria
d) Archaebacteria

Ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism to compensate for environmental changes
a) Heterostasis
b) Meostasis
c) Homeostasis
d) Osmosis

Waste products from the blood are filtered out through the kidneys and excreted as urine
a) Excretory system
b) Endocrine system
c) Nervous System
d) Respiratory System

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