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¿Qué tienes que hacer?
a) What do you have to do?
b) what do you like to do?
c) What do you want to do?
d) What do you need to do?

Tengo que desempolvar.
a) I have to read
b) I have to dust
c) I have to vacuum
d) I have to study

aspirar la casa
a) babysit
b) wash the dishes
c) vacuum the house
d) iron

a) iron
b) wash the clothes
c) mow the lawn
d) make the bed

hacer la cama
a) make a puppet
b) make dinner
c) set the table
d) make the bed

sacar la basura
a) clear the table
b) set the table
c) take out the garbage
d) babysit

dar comida al perro
a) give food to the dog
b) walk the dog
c) clean the room
d) iron

tengo que lavar la ropa
a) I have to wash the clothes
b) I have to wash the plates
c) I have to wash my hands
d) I have to wash the car

cortar el césped
a) cut my hair
b) cut the lawn
c) plant a flower
d) grow a garden

cuidar niños
a) cook
b) wash dishes
c) Nina is my friend
d) babysit

hacer la tarea
a) make the bed
b) do homework
c) what do you have to do?
d) I have to make a cake.

lavar los platos
a) wash the dishes
b) throw out the garbage
c) make my bed
d) do homework

tengo que organizar el cuarto
a) I have to clean the bathroom
b) I have to wash the clothes
c) I have to mow the lawn
d) I have to organize my room

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