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The long neck on a baby giraffe is
a) a learned trait
b) an inherited trait
c) a seasonal adaptation
d) an environmental condition

Some birds fly south before winter each year. This is an example of
a) migration
b) hibernation
c) germination
d) evaporation

Growing thicker fur in the winter helps some animals to
a) hide from danger
b) attract a mate
c) find food
d) keep warm

Apple trees can live for many years, but bean plants usually live only a few months. This statement suggests that
a) different plants have different life spans
b) plants depend on other plants
c) plants produce many offspring
d) seasonal changes help plants grow

A decrease in air temperature from 60 degree F to 35 degrees F would most likely cause a person to
a) shiver
b) sweat
c) blink in his eyes
d) feel sleepy

An object's hardness, taste, and texture are examples of
a) principles
b) stages
c) properties
d) processes

What motion causes day and night?
a) revolution of Earth
b) revolution of the Moon
c) rotation of Earth
d) rotation of the Moon

Which force causes a marble to sink in the bottom of a glass of water?
a) gravity
b) friction
c) magnetism
d) electricity

Which unit of measurement can be used to describe the length of a desk?
a) centimeters
b) grams
c) liters
d) degrees Celsium

What form of energy causes an ice cube to melt?
a) mechanical
b) magnetic
c) sound
d) heat

If an object is attracted to a magnet, the object is most likely make of
a) wood
b) plastic
c) cardboard
d) metal

Living things depend on energy from
a) the Sun
b) the Moon
c) soil
d) water

Which adaptation often helps an animal attract a mate?
a) hibernation
b) camouflage
c) coloration
d) migration

A decomposer is an organism that
a) preys on other animals
b) eats only plants
c) recycles nutrients
d) uses sunlight to make food

A girl in a wheelchair using a ramp to enter a building is an example of which simple machine?
a) pulley
b) lever
c) wheel
d) inclined plane

What is the source of energy for the water cycle?
a) lake
b) Sun
c) cloud
d) forest

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