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What part of the budget is used primarily by the executive branch of Florida?
a) education
b) heath and human services
c) transportation
d) law enforcement

____________ power helped to move both people and goods in the early 1900's.
a) Steam
b) Electric
c) Horse
d) Nuclear

This event harmed the fishing industry in April 2010.
a) Hurricane Elana
b) Fishing strike
c) A tsunami
d) oil rig explosion in the Gulf

What did the Freedman's Bureau do?
a) It fought against the tariff
b) It smuggled cotton out of the Confederate states
c) It helped free African Americans and opened schools
d) It returned escaped slaves to their owners

What problem did many landowners in Florida face after the Civil War?
a) They would have to pay workers
b) They had to pay a high tax on their land
c) They had to share their crops
d) They had to pay for shipping of their crops

Which natural wonder brings millions of visitors to Florida each year to snorkel or scuba dive?
a) Daytona International Speedway
b) Everglades National Park
c) Sea World
d) Biscayne Bay

How was segregation finally ended on Tallahassee buses?
a) Dr. Martin Luther King led a boycott
b) Reverend Charles Kenzie Steele led a boycott of the buses
c) A court decided the buses could not be segregated
d) All of the above

How did Floridian Jacqueline Cochran Contribute to World War II?
a) She set a record by shooting down planes
b) She placed the flag on Iwo Jima
c) She trained other women to pilot planes
d) She was the first woman awarded the Medal of Honor

What was the name of President Roosevelt's plan to help the country recover from the Great Depression?
a) Community Chest
b) New Deal
c) Works Progress Administration
d) Civilian Conservation Corp.

Demand for land began to ________________while prices stayed _____________, which in turn caused the land bust in the early 1920's.
a) drop, high
b) increase, high
c) increase, the same
d) drop, the same

How did Governor Broward help create new land in Florida in the early 1920's?
a) He drained Biscayne Bay and filled the Marshes.
b) He drained part of the Everglades.
c) He purchased land from Georgia
d) He bought new soil for the Everglades

The blowing up of the battleship ___________________was the main cause of the Spanish-American War of 1898.
a) Massachusettes
b) Illinois
c) Virginia
d) Maine

Because of his _____________ manufacturing in Ybor City, Vincente Martinez contributed to the growth of Tampa.
a) cigar
b) car
c) clothing
d) railroad

Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource used to construct buildings?
a) trees
b) titanium
c) limestone
d) phosphate

If you visited Kennedy Space Center, you might have witnessed a rocket ______________.
a) launch
b) explode
c) fire
d) None of the above

What do Florida's governor, lawmakers, police officers, and teachers all have in common?
a) They are all volunteers
b) They work for the legislature
c) They work for local governement
d) They are all involved in public service

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