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Odor management is a commonly discussed topic when it comes to livestock and poultry production’s impact on the environment. To what issue in agriculture is this referring?
a) waste management
b) biotechnology
c) organic agriculture
d) animal rights

What is the difference between genetic modification and selective breeding?
a) Genetic modification is only in animals
b) Selective breeding is only in animals
c) Selective breeding happens in a lab and not in nature
d) Genetic modification happens in a lab and not in nature 2014-

Which is an advantage of biotechnology?
a) using gene therapy to cure genetic disorders
b) decrease in biodiversity of organisms
c) causing allergic reactions
d) increasing pesticide use on crops

Which form of biotechnology makes the fruits and vegetables we eat more nutritious?
a) plant
b) animal
c) medical
d) environmental

Formations of a theory based on data and observations is a:
a) mistake
b) conclusion
c) big idea
d) guess

In addition to eating plant tissue insects can also:
a) use water that the plant needs
b) cause a nutreint deficiency by eating the nutrients
c) spread diseases to other plants
d) attract birds that eat plants

Using technology to create an exact science so farmers receive the greatest crop yields with the lowest cost while reducing waste and maintaining the environment is:
a) short selling
b) commodity trading
c) precision agriculture
d) conventional tilliage

Biofuel can be created from:
a) petroleum
b) biological matter
c) gasoline
d) pesticides

Observations and hypothesizing are the first steps in the scientific:
a) theory
b) process
c) method
d) steps

The MOST LIKELY result of a hail storm damaging 85% of the local corn crop would be:
a) supply decreases
b) supply increases
c) demand decreases
d) demand increases

Which is NOT a goal of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?
a) raise awareness of animal abuse
b) teach good pet ownership
c) promote spay and neuter programs
d) develop vaccines through animal research

Which would be the MOST IMPORTANT agriculture issue to someone buying a new farm?
a) number to stoplights in town
b) color of fence on farms in the area
c) name of local wildlife officer
d) urbanization

Which established criteria to evaluate animal welfare?
a) Humane Society of the United States
b) United States Department of Agriculture
c) Animal Agriculture Alliance
d) National Animal Identification System

The global production of food, fiber, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal services is best described as:
a) permaculture
b) aquaculture
c) agriculture
d) floriculture

The PHASE of raising and caring for the animal which includes nutrition, health, reproduction and growth is:
a) processing
b) production
c) consumer
d) animal welfare

A credible source for an agriculture class presentation should have:
a) authors credentials
b) page numbers
c) color pictures
d) the URL

Which is the MOST efficient method to advocate to your local community about an agriculture issue?
a) make phone calls
b) write a newspaper article
c) send personal letters
d) gossip

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