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Civilizations and developed societies first came about as a result of:
a) improved hunting techniques.
b) food gatheres moving from one place to another.
c) people learning to farm and domesticate animals to produce more food.
d) transcontinel air travel that made it easier to move over the world.

Identifying points in food handling where contamination is likely to occur is part of:
a) GMP's
c) GAP's
d) BMP

Sugar is an example of a:
a) fat
b) carbohydrate
c) protein
d) starch

Good microorganisms can enhance the flavor or change the state of a food product through the process of:
a) canning
b) dehydration
c) fermentation
d) freezing

Which describes a disease that can be spread from animals to humans or from humans to animals?
a) virus
b) contagious
c) zoonotic
d) bacteria

Selecting plant varieties to cultivate, controlling pests and weeds, and harvesting is part of:
a) marketing
b) processing
c) distribution
d) production

What food group provides the most protein?
a) meat
b) fats and oils
c) grains
d) vegetables

If a 4 ounce candy bar is eaten and each ounce of the bar contains 60 calories, how many calories will be consumed by eating the whole bar?
a) 15
b) 60
c) 120
d) 240

Which government agency inspects fruits and vegetables at a local processing facility?
b) EPA
c) FDA

A freezer should be set to which temperature to keep food safe from microorganisms and maintain food quality?
a) 32 degrees F
b) 0 degrees F
c) 4 degrees F
d) 20 degrees F

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