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Livestock producers may use manure as a ________________________________ on their crop fields.
a) methane
b) fertilizer
c) herbicide
d) fungicide

Using ______________________ can reduce the need for commercially produced fertilizers.
a) animal manure
b) water
c) animal feed
d) pesticides

What is the term for livestock or plants grown without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or supplemental hormones?
a) Organic
b) no-till agriculture
c) hydroponics
d) environmental stewardship

What is the term for growing plants in the absence of soil usually with roots submerged in water?
a) organic
b) hydroponics
c) no-till agriculture
d) environmental stewardship

Which is an example of a postive environmental impact?
a) throwing litter on the ground
b) throwing away a used manila envelope in good condition
c) allowing the water to run while brushing teeth
d) riding a bus

Which are synthetic chemicals or natural solutions used to kill insects, rodents, weeds and other pests?
a) fertilizers
b) pesticides
c) greenhouse gases
d) preservatives

To use or manage natural resources wisely is:
a) preservation
b) conservation
c) consumption
d) conscience consumer depletion

What is the standard unit of measurement for most lumber?
a) diameter breast height
b) cubic foot
c) biltmore stick
d) board foot

Photovoltaic cells utilize the energy from the:
a) wind
b) sun
c) ocean
d) earth

The primary function of a plant's crown is:
a) food production
b) absorption of water and nutrients
c) transporting water and nutrients
d) protecting tree from disease and insects

Which test analyzes the leaves and foliage of plants to determine the nutrients in the plant itself?
a) soil
b) tissue
c) water quality
d) pH

Which is a complex carbohydrate that constitutes the chief part of the cell walls of higher plants and yields fiber for many products?
a) chlorophyll
b) cellulose
c) glucose
d) wood pulp

Underground structures that anchor the tree and take up water, nutrients, and minerals from the soil are:
a) leaves
b) roots
c) bark
d) stems

Soil, water and air are all examples of:
a) Pollution
b) fossil fuels
c) oxygen
d) natural resources

Which pollutant smells like rotten eggs?
a) Sulfur
b) Gasoline
c) Carbon
d) Chlorine

Farmers can benefit from wind energy by generating their own power, becoming a wind developer or by:
a) discouraging wind development
b) posting land to keep developers off
c) leasing land to wind developers
d) creating barriers for wind devlopers

Which is an example of a production agriculturist practicing environmental stewardship?
a) Using ladybugs to eat aphids instead of spraying an insecticide onto plants
b) Allowing cattle to access a creek that runs into the public water supply
c) Removing crop residue without planting a cover crop
d) Allowing cattle to overā€graze pastures

Which is an example of how fossil fuel usage could be decreased?
a) keep lights on even whne no one is in the room
b) buy items in bulk
c) keep computers running 24 hours a day
d) drive larger vehicles

Which is an example of reusing an item?
a) placing an aluminium can in a recycling bin
b) using a paper receipt as a bookmark
c) using energy efficient light bulbs
d) buying cereal in bulk

Which item cannot be recycled?
a) glass
b) ink
c) metal
d) paper

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