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SERFDOM was one of the largest problems of czarist Russia. Which of the followihng is NOT another word that might be used for the word SERF?
a) Slave
b) Peasant
c) Farmers
d) Business Owner

As a result of the Compromise of 1867, Austria created a dual monarchy with what other Kingdom?
a) Switzerland
b) Germany
c) Hungary
d) France

Who was the leader of Russia who initiated many reforms in 1856?
a) Peter the Great
b) Ivan the Teribble
c) Alexander II
d) Nicholas III

The leader of France who ruled during the 2nd Empire?
a) Napolean Bonaparte
b) Napolean II
c) Napolean III
d) Robespierre

What characteristic of the Austrian Empire created the desire by some for independence?
a) It was very mountainous and had no seaports
b) It was a multinational empire with many ethnic groups
c) The Austria government was weak and unable to control the people
d) None of these

Who did William I appoint as Prime Minister? He oversaw the political unification of Germany
a) Otto Von Bismarck
b) Herman Goehring
c) Wilhelm Klink
d) Heinrich Burchhalter

Which of the following was not one of the Reichs in German History
a) The Holy Roman Empire
b) Unifed Germany under William I
c) Nazi Germany under HItler
d) Saxon Empire in the Middle Ages

What Queen reigned over the British Empire at this time for 64 years, the longest of any British Monarch?
a) Queen Elizabeth I
b) Queen Elizabeth II
c) Quenn Victoria
d) Queen Katherine

What was the name of the Italian Patriot who raised a volunteer army of 1000 soldiers?
a) Amerigo Vespucci
b) Lusiano Pavarotti
c) Marco Rubio
d) Giuseppe Garibaldi

What were the Italian Volunteers called? (Based on the color of their uniforms)
a) Green Shirts
b) Black Shirts
c) Red Shirts
d) Blue Shirts

What happened between Russia and Austria that opened the door for the unification of Italy and Germany?
a) Austria and Russia signed a treaty supporting the unification of Italy and Germany
b) Austria aligned with Germany and supported their unification while Russia allied with Itally and supported their unification
c) Austria did not support Russia in the Crimean war and broke the power structure in Europe and paved the way for unification
d) Russia gave Austria large sums of money to funnel to Germany and Italy to support unification

Which of the following was the main reason for Russia's involvement in the Crimean War?
a) To overthrow Emperor Quadrilane of Crimea
b) To gain access to a warm water port on the Crimean peninsula and increase their influence in the area
c) To punish the Crimean Army for attacking Prussia
d) None, Russia was not involved in the Crimean War

TRUE or FALSE - The ideas of the Enlightenment contributed to the rise in Nationalism?
a) True
b) False
c) Dont Click Here :-)
d) Here Either :-)

Which of the following was NOT a contributing factor to the rise of Nationalism in Europe?
a) Common Customs
b) Common Religion
c) Common Language
d) Conservative Ideology

Which of the following countries was a European power in Europe in the early 1800s but does not exist as a nation in currentimes?
a) Prussia
b) France
c) Spain
d) Portugal

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