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Trade center located in Eastern Africa
a) Zimbabwe
b) Gao
c) Axum
d) Timbuktu

This vegetation zone was used to raise animals
a) desert
b) savannas
c) Ocean
d) rainforest

How did Berber traders influence Ghana
a) Introduced Written language
b) Introduced salt
c) Introduced Gold
d) introduced storytelling

A group of people descended from the same ancestor
a) Clan
b) Griot
c) Village
d) Dhow

Which Empire became wealthy by taxing trade
a) Ghana
b) Mali
c) Songhai
d) All of the above

Mansa Musa brought what two groups back from Mecca
a) Scientists and Mathematician
b) Scholars and Painters
c) Scholars and Architects
d) Leaders and Officials

Tracing families through mothers is called
a) Patrilineal
b) Matrilineal
c) Geneaology
d) Extended families

What trade routes did West Africa supply to North Africa
a) Gold
b) Salt
c) Slaves
d) All of the above

Which is not an empire that arose in West Africa
a) Ghana
b) Mali
c) Songhai
d) Egypt

These people used oral history to pass down values and history
a) Clans
b) Kings
c) Mothers
d) Griots

Migrants who shared similar languages, cultures, and technologies that migrated from West Africa to the south and east were
a) Griots
b) Bantu
c) Berbers
d) Ashanti

African and Muslim cultures blended to form the _________ culture
a) Mogaishu
b) Moroccan
c) Swakhili
d) Timbuktu

Which is NOT one of the vegetation zones of West Africa
a) Savannah
b) Rainforest
c) Mountains
d) Deserts

He made a pilgrimage that helped encourage traders to come to Mali
a) Timbuktu
b) Mansa Musa
c) Sundiata
d) Aladdin

Trade center located in Southern Africa
a) ZImbabwe
b) Gao
c) Axum
d) Timbuktu

African slave trade was started by
a) France
b) United States
c) Spain
d) Portugal

Who developed Timbuktu as a center of trade
a) Mansa Musa
b) Sundiata
c) Muhammad
d) Mecca

Which of the following is an example of African Culture
a) Haiku
b) Epics
c) Mosaics
d) Spirtuals

Africans used this animal for carrying goods to trade
a) Horse
b) Camel
c) Cow
d) none of the above

What/who did most West Africans feel their strongest loyalty to
a) Their king
b) their family and village
c) their trading partners
d) Their empire

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