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A carrier is a person who has:
a) one recessive and one dominant allele for a trait
b) two recessive alleles for a trait
c) two dominant alleles for a trait
d) more than two alleles for a trait

Sex-linked genes are genes on:
a) the X chromosome only
b) the Y chromosome only
c) the X and Y chromosomes
d) all 23 pairs of chromosomes

No two people have the same DNA, except for:
a) crime suspects
b) brothers
c) sisters
d) identical twins

What is a genome?
a) all the cells produced during meiosis
b) all the plasmids from splicing DNA in a cell
c) all the DNA in one cell of an organism
d) all the karyotypes in a cell

What is a karyotype?
a) blood from a newborn baby
b) a picture of a baby before it is born
c) a picture of the chromosomes in a cell
d) fluid that surrounds a baby before it is born

There are at least how many genes in each cell?
a) 25,000
b) 15,000
c) 46
d) 35,000

Genetic disorders are caused by:
a) pedigrees
b) mutations
c) dominant alleles
d) sickle-shaped cells

What is a pedigree?
a) a chart that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait
b) a geneticist who studies the inheritance of traits in humans
c) a picture of all of the chromosomes in a cell
d) an allele passed from parent to child on a sex chromosome

Which combination of sex chromosomes results in a male?
a) XX
b) YY
c) XY
d) either XX or YY

Why does height in humans have such a wide variety of phenotypes?
a) Height is controlled by multiple alleles
b) The gene for height has only two alleles
c) Height is controlled by sex-linked genes
d) Height is controlled by a recessive allele

Which of these human traits can be altered by variations in the enviornment
a) hairline
b) height
c) smile dimples
d) blood type

What are multiple alleles?
a) two genes that control a trait
b) three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait
c) three or more chromosomes that determine a trait
d) more than two co-dominant genes in a chromosome

DNA is replicated
a) before meiosis begins
b) during meiosis.
c) during cytokinesis
d) at the end of meiosis.

A person’s surroundings, or _________________, can change the effects of a person’s genes.
a) diet
b) amount of sleep
c) enviornment
d) all of the above

Various combinations of _______________________ at each of several genes control human skin color.
a) chromosomes
b) alleles
c) DNA
d) traits

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