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was burned at the stake for being a heretic
a) John Huss
b) Mary
c) Ignatius of Loyola
d) John Wycliffe

began the Society of Jesus
a) Ignatius of Loyola
b) John Wycliffe
c) Pope Leo X
d) John Calvin

taught that people are born sinful
a) John Calvin
b) Henry VIII
c) Ignatius of Loyola
d) Mary

German monk who questioned teachings about salvation
a) Martin Luther
b) Mary
c) Mary
d) John Huss

The Catholic Church fought back against Protestant beliefs with the
a) Counter-Reformation
b) Reformation
c) Revolution
d) Society of Jesus

Wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion, the first organized set of Protestant beliefs.
a) John Calvin
b) John Tetzel
c) John Huss
d) John Wycliffe

Martin Luther tried to answer questions about
a) salvation
b) theses
c) translations
d) vows

Were supposed to take away punishment for sins.
a) indulgences
b) heretics
c) censors
d) theses

Wanted to rid the Anglican Church of Catholic rituals.
a) Puritans
b) Protestants
c) Huguenots
d) Calvinists

tried to join together Catholics and Protestants in England
a) Elizabeth I
b) Mary
c) Edward VI
d) Henry VIII

excommunicated Luther
a) Pope Leo X
b) Edward VI
c) Ignatius of Loyola
d) Elizabeth I

became head of the Anglican Church in 1534
a) Henry VIII
b) Pope Leo X
c) John Calvin
d) Martin Luther

translated the Latin Bible into English
a) John Wycliffe
b) Martin Luther
c) John Calvin
d) Pope Leo X

tried to make England Catholic again
a) Mary
b) John Huss
c) Ignatius of Loyola
d) John Calvin

reigned when Book of Common Prayer was written
a) Edward VI
b) Elizabeth I
c) Henry VIII
d) Ignatius of Loyola

What Protestant religion did John Calvin found?
a) Calvinism
b) Lutheran
c) Catholicism
d) Reformation

What is another name for French Calvinists?
a) Huguenots
b) Lutherans
c) Protestants
d) Puritans

Martin Luther established what church?
a) Lutheran
b) Calvinism
c) Catholic
d) Anglican

Name the mass movement that challenged the Christian religion in Europe.
a) Reformation
b) Revolution
c) Lutheran
d) Huguenotts

Who wrote 95 theses against the teachings of the Catholic Church?
a) Martin Luther
b) John Calvin
c) Edward VI
d) Elizabeth I

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