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Religious officials are know as?
a) priest
b) bishops
c) clergey
d) popes

Who crowned Charlemagne the holy roman emperor?
a) Pope Urban II
b) King george iV
c) pope john paul ringo
d) Pope Leo III

Why were peasants suddenly able to demand more money after the plaque?
a) shortage of workers
b) shortage of farmland
c) shortage of water
d) shortage of food

The single most powerful man in europe during the medieval period was_____________.
a) the pope
b) Charlemange
c) King Leo III
d) William the conqueror

What disease killed close to 1/3 of the population of Europe in the 1300's?
a) small pox
b) rat plaque
c) black lung diseases
d) black plaque

What percent of people were serfs in the middle ages?
a) 30%
b) 50%
c) 90%
d) 99%

What is a group formed by people who all have the same trade or job called?
a) serf
b) guild
c) knight
d) clergy

What most contributed to the end of the feudal system
a) war
b) drought
c) arguements
d) disease

Your mother and father are both serfs, but you work hard so you will most likely be a?
a) serf
b) knight
c) prince
d) lord

Under the feudal system, most of the land was controled by
a) the king
b) serfs
c) merchanta
d) nobleman

A medieval lord also performed duties a ____________ would today.
a) teacher
b) judge
c) policeman
d) farmer

Whose job was it to defend his lords or kings territory?
a) serf
b) knight
c) vassal
d) priest

The time between the roman empire and the modern era is known as?
a) medieval times
b) medieval ages
c) middles times
d) medieval period

Who would likely not know how to read or write during the middle ages?
a) serfs
b) bishops
c) priest
d) pope

These were built around castles because of the constant threat of war.
a) manor
b) fort
c) stable
d) moat

Land was in the feudal system as _________ is to modern society.
a) real estate
b) money
c) education
d) politics

A religious peson who visits a holy site is a?
a) monk
b) crusader
c) pilgrim
d) priest

What could people of europe have done to prevent the spreading of the black plague?
a) go to the doctor
b) take meds
c) avoid travel
d) bath more often

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