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Which part of a refrigerator compresses the coolant and increases its thermal energy?
a) compressor
b) condenser coils
c) coolant vapor
d) expansion valve

The lowest possible temperature is ____.
a) 0°
b) –273°F
c) 273°F
d) 0°K

Thermostats transform _____ into _____.
a) thermal energy, mechanical energy
b) potential energy, kinetic energy
c) kinetic energy, potential energy
d) mechanical energy, thermal energy

In what part of an internal combustion engine is the gasoline mixed with air?
a) exhaust valve
b) piston
c) spark plug
d) cylinder

Which part of a refrigerator removes thermal energy from inside the refrigerator?
a) compressor
b) coolant vapor
c) condenser coils
d) expansion valve

The mechanical energy of a football during a pass is _____.
a) potential energy
b) gravitational potential energy
c) potential and kinetic energy
d) kinetic energy

When water is heated on a stove, which kind of energy is transferred?
a) gravitational energy
b) thermal energy
c) potential energy
d) kinetic energy

Heat is ____ energy that is transferred from one object at a certain temperature to another at a different temperature.
a) thermal
b) kinetic
c) solar
d) electromagnetic

When a substance is heated, the particles gain energy and spread out creating more volume. What happens to the mass of the substance when it is heated?
a) mass increases
b) mass decreases
c) mass is lost
d) mass remains the same

A hot iron is turned off and cools down to room temperature. The iron cools because _____.
a) heat energy is transferred from the warm iron to the cooler room
b) the iron does not hold heat very well
c) the room transfers cold energy to the iron
d) the thermal energy is destroyed during an interaction with the room

Most materials ____ when they are heated.
a) condense
b) freeze
c) expand
d) contract

Heat is thermal energy transferred from one object to another because of a difference in ____.
a) mass
b) temperature
c) volume
d) potential energy

All objects emit ____ radiation.
a) electromagnetic
b) kinetic
c) thermal
d) solar

Water makes a good coolant because it has a ____.
a) high specific heat
b) high boiling point
c) low specific heat
d) low freezing point

The thermal energy of an object is ____.
a) its potential energy
b) its average kinetic energy
c) its potential energy minus its kinetic energy
d) its kinetic energy plus its potential energy

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