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Bacteria are released into the Gulf of Mexico to help clean up an oil spill. What role do the bacteria serve in the marine ecosystem?
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) consumers
d) predators

Which could be a challenge for a small animal living in a grassland ecosystem?
a) The flat terrain makes it easy for predators to spot prey.
b) The frozen ground is too hard to serve as shelter.
c) The extreme temperatures require thick skin and heavy fur.
d) The high amounts of precipitation create excess water resources.

Which of these ecosystems supports the widest variety of life?
a) estuary
b) desert
c) grassland
d) deciduous forest

Which is a difference between a tropical rainforest and a deciduous forest?
a) A tropical rainforest receives a greater annual precipitation than a deciduous forest.
b) A tropical rainforest is smaller in size than a deciduous forest.
c) A tropical rainforest receives more sunlight than a deciduous forest.
d) A tropical rainforest has a greater number of rivers and lakes than a deciduous forest.

Which are the most common ecosystems in North Carolina?
a) deciduous forest, estuary, ocean
b) estuary, grassland, rainforest
c) grassland, ocean, temperate rainforest
d) deciduous forest, desert, ocean

Ospreys are birds that eat fish. Where would an osprey most likely live?
a) near a marsh
b) near a forest
c) near a desert
d) near a prairie

Which best explains why tropical rainforests always have warm temperatures?
a) They are near the Equator.
b) They are at low altitudes.
c) A canopy of trees traps the heat.
d) The many animals produce heat.

Which ecosystem has the greatest biodiversity?
a) ocean
b) desert
c) grassland
d) lake

Which organism receives its energy from the sun?
a) tree
b) bee
c) cat
d) grasshopper

Which organisms use energy to make nutrients for plants?
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) herbivores
d) carnivores

Which is the term for secondary consumers in an ecosystem?
a) carnivore
b) herbivore
c) omnivore
d) producer

Which organism is a decomposer?
a) fungi
b) ladybug
c) spider
d) sunflower

In a forest ecosystem, which has the most direct access to the main energy source?
a) producer
b) consumer
c) scavenger
d) decomposer

Which group of organisms make up the largest part of a food chain?
a) producers
b) consumers
c) decomposers
d) carnivores

Which consumer in a grassland ecosystem would be considered both predator and prey?
a) a snake, because it eats mice and is eaten by hawks
b) a grasshopper, because it eats grass and is eaten by birds
c) a rabbit, because it eats snakes and is eaten by deer
d) an earthworm, because it eats dead animals and is eaten by birds

Which is a group of producers that could be found in a forest?
a) trees, grasses, and vines
b) cacti, shrubs, and yucca
c) deer, squirrels, and mice
d) lizards, scorpions, and rodents

Which describes a decomposer?
a) an organism that breaks down dead matter
b) an organism that eats only plants
c) an organism that makes its own food
d) an organism that receives energy from the sun

Which statement best describes producers?
a) Producers in both water and land ecosystems are mainly green plants.
b) Producers in water ecosystems are mainly algae.
c) Producers in land ecosystems are mainly grasses.
d) Producers in both water and land ecosystems are mainly trees.

Which would most likely increase the number of squirrels living in an area?
a) reducing the number of animals that hunt and kill squirrels
b) cutting down trees that serve as habitats for squirrels
c) planting trees that produce nuts squirrels do not eat
d) removing all of the food sources for squirrels from the area

Which would be the most likely result if all the producers in an area were destroyed?
a) The number of consumers would greatly decrease.
b) Herbivores in the area would become carnivores in order to survive.
c) The number of all of the organisms in the area would increase.
d) Different types of animals would move into the area.

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