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What was the primary responsibility of the War Refugee Board?
a) Recruiting new immigrants to the military
b) Helping Holocaust victims escape Europe
c) Forcing dangerous people to leave America
d) Blocking immigration from Europe and Asia

Which of the following best describes a zoot suit.
a) Long jacket and knickers
b) Short jacket and narrow legged pants
c) Short jacket and baggy pants
d) Long jacket and baggy trousers

How did white soldiers and sailors often treat zoot suiters?
a) welcomed and treated them with kindness
b) ignored them
c) attacked and insulted them
d) helped them get jobs

About how many Latinos (mostly Mexican Americans) served in the military during WWII?
a) none
b) 100,000
c) 500,000
d) 1 million

What did the Bracero Program do?
a) allowed Mexican Americans to serve in the army
b) brought Mexican American farmworkers to the the U.S. to help harvest crops
c) put a limit on the number of immigrants from Mexico allowed to enter the United States each year
d) deported Mexican Americans to internment camps

What kind of discrimination did African American soldiers serving in WWII face?
a) segregated platoons
b) not paid the same as white soldiers
c) given poor quality supplies and equipment
d) not allowed to fly airplanes

Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, what could African Americans serving in the military NOT do?
a) serve as cooks
b) serve as janitors
c) serve in combat positions
d) serve as truck drivers

About how many African Americans served in the military during WWII?
a) none
b) 100,000
c) 15 million
d) 900,000

What is special about the Japanese American 442nd Regiment that served in Europe?
a) captured and executed Benito Mussolini
b) earned more medals than any other army brigade in history
c) dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
d) first regiment that was not segregated

Where did most Japanese Americans spend the years of WWII?
a) Los Angeles county jail
b) Japan
c) internment camps in the desert
d) serving in the navy

Women served in the military during WWII in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
a) nurses
b) mechanics
c) test pilots
d) combat leaders

How did many Americans supplement their food supply during WWII?
a) hoarded canned goods
b) went hunting
c) planted victory gardens
d) stole

Limiting the amount of scarce items that any one individual can buy is known as:
a) rationing
b) inflation
c) debt
d) treason

True or False. Women were paid the same as men in war factories during WWII.
a) True
b) False

How did individuals loan the government money to help pay for WWII?
a) collected pennies
b) bought war bonds
c) played the lottery
d) did not accept paychecks when serving in the military

What government agency transformed American factories from making consumer goods to making war supplies?
a) War Production Board
b) War Refugee Board
c) Office of Price Administration
d) War Information Office

About how many people volunteered or were drafted to serve in the military during WWII?
a) 300,000
b) 2400
c) 15 million
d) 1 million

What nickname did troops give themselves in WW2?
a) chickens
b) doughboys
c) GIs
d) grunts

Women served in the military during WWII.
a) True
b) False

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