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Why did the country of France want to come to the New World?
a) Fur trade
b) Farming
c) Religious Freedom
d) Plant cotton

The economic system created between England and her colonies that included raw materials to England and finished goods to the colonies.
a) Free Enterprise
b) Triangular Trade
c) Mercantilism
d) Columbian Exchange

Trade between Eng;and (made goods), the colonies (raw materials) and Africa (slave).
a) Mercantilism
b) Triangular Trade
c) Free Enterprise
d) Columbian Exchange

The year that Jamestown, Virginia was established.
a) 1776
b) 1787
c) 1803
d) 1607

This colonial region made money by build ships, fishing, and trade
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Western

This colonial Region made money by farming crops such as corn, wheat, and other grains.
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Western

This Colonial Region made money by growing cash crops such as cotton and tobacco.
a) New England
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) Western

The colony of Massachusetts was founded by the _______ for religious freedom.
a) Dutch
b) Quakers
c) Catholics
d) Pilgrims

Which of the following is not a cash crop?
a) corn
b) cotton
c) rice
d) indigo

Religious freedom was the number one reason for coming to the New World. Which colony was not established for that reason?
a) Virginia
b) Maryland
c) Pennsylvania
d) Massachusetts

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