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STAAR Review.[print questions]

What is a word that means the same as another word called?
a) antonym
b) synonym

The sentence...The blinding flash of lightning lit up the night sky!...appeals to the sense of ______.
a) smell
b) touch
c) smell
d) sight

The sentence...The skunk's horrible stench made me sick!...appeals to the sense of ______.
a) touch
b) sight
c) smell
d) hearing

The sentence...The shrill bark of the dog kept we awake!...appeals to which sense?
a) hear
b) sight
c) touch
d) smell

To find the meaning of an unfamiliar word, what do you do?
a) Make a guess.
b) Use context clues.
c) Infer the meaning.
d) Skip over the word.

Where do you look for words that rhyme in a poem?
a) At the beginning of each line.
b) In the middle of each line.
c) At the end of each line.
d) At the beginning and the end of each line.

What do you call the groups of lines in a poem?
a) rhyme scheme
b) lines
c) stanzas
d) rhythm

______ poems have rythym, rhyme, and sound like a song.
a) Narrative
b) Lyrical
c) Humerous
d) Free verse

A poem that tells a story is called a ______.
a) rhyming poem
b) lyrical poem
c) biography
d) narrative poem

This genre gives us facts and information.
a) non-fiction
b) drama
c) fiction
d) folktales

This genre has characters, a setting, stage directions, acts and scenes.
a) poetry
b) drama
c) non-fiction
d) folktales

This genre has characters, setting, a problem and a solution.
a) poetry
b) biography
c) non-fiction
d) fiction

A shortened version of the story that tells the most important events of the story is a ______.
a) sequence
b) summary
c) cause and effect
d) main idea

Glossary, map, timeline, title, photograph, bold words, headings are all called ______.
a) unfamiliar words
b) context clues
c) text features
d) synonyms

What does conclude mean?
a) To use your background knowledge and text clues to find the answer.
b) To underline the correct answer.
c) To find the main idea.
d) To write a summary.

The reason something happens.
a) Cause
b) Effect

What happens because of something else.
a) Cause
b) Effect

I am ready for the reading benchmark!!
a) YES!!!

The lesson or moral to a story or poem is the ______.
a) summary
b) sequence
c) theme
d) main idea

Words that mean the opposite of another word are called ______.
a) antonym
b) synonym

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