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5th Grade Social Studies - American Revolution.[print questions]

______ ______ was chosen to lead the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.
a) George Washington
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Thomas Jefferson

______ ________ did most of the writing of the Declaration of Independence
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) George Washington
d) King George III

Colonists were upset with the King of England and ________ over taxes and rules they imposed.
a) Parliament
b) the Queen
c) citizens
d) the King of France

The Continental Army received valuable assistance from _______ during the Revolutionary War.
a) France
b) Canada
c) Mexico
d) Germany

Before the war began, colonists heard about plans for British troops to seize their _____ and quickly removed them from Boston.
a) weapons
b) houses
c) food
d) ships

The British were upset with the colonists because of the debt they accumulated during the _______________.
a) French-Indian War
b) Civil War
c) World War I
d) Battle of 1812

Members of the _______ ________ tried to find a peaceful resolution with Britain before fighting in a war.
a) Continental Congress
b) House of Representatives
c) Senate
d) Supreme Court

Independence Hall in ____________ was the site of the debate and signing of the Declaration of Independence.
a) Philadelphia
b) New York City
c) Boston
d) Baltimore

One of the first major battles of the Revolutionary War was fought at this site in Boston.
a) Bunker/Breed's Hill
b) Boston Tea Party
c) Lexington + Concord
d) Old North Church

Which is an example of a peaceful protest carried out by the colonists?
a) Lexington + Concord
b) Boston Tea Party
c) Bunker/Breed's Hill
d) Valley Forge

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