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nonliving parts of an ecosystem such as sunlight, soil type, humidity, ect.
a) Community
b) Population
c) Biotic Factors
d) Aibiotic Factors

an inherited trait that increases an organism's chance of survival and reproduction in a certain enviroment
a) Metric System
b) Adaption
c) Applied Science
d) Biosphere

the living parts of an ecosystems such as plants, animals
a) Coevolution
b) Biotic Factors
c) Evolution
d) Host

Two or more species evolving in response to each other
a) Coevolution
b) Niche
c) Parasites
d) Extinction

relationship between two species in which one species benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped
a) Applied Science
b) Population
c) Competion
d) Organism

A group of interacting populations of diffrent species
a) Niche
b) Community
c) Population
d) Parasites

the relationship between species that attempt to use the same limted resource
a) Compeition
b) Mutualism
c) Organism
d) Parasites

all living organisms in a certain area
a) Biosphere
b) Dependent Variable
c) ecosystem
d) Indepent Variable

change in the genetic characteristics
a) evolution
b) extinction
c) habitat
d) population

the irreverable disappearance of a population of species
a) extinction
b) organism
c) evolution
d) parasites

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